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Our goal is to help our customers to enjoy the many benefits of their energy efficient propane system. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please feel free to call us at 512-894-4480 during office hours and we'll be happy to assist.

When do I need a Safety Check Inspection?
Anytime your tank runs out of propane or the valve is physically shut off at the tank. Anytime there is an interruption in service.

How do I know I received the propane I ordered?
There will be a gas ticket on door indicating how many gallons were put in the tank and at what rate, your propane tank will reflect a higher reading.

How soon can my propane be delivered?
We offer same day delivery.

What is your minimum delivery?
125 gallons

How do I know how much propane is in my tank?
The gauge under the lid will give you an estimate of how much is in the tank- it reads by percent, so on a 259 gallon tank for example, 10% is equivalent to 25 gallons.

Why is my bill so high?
An average household may use 800- 1200 gallons a year. Approximately 75% of usage occur between December and March. If you feel there is excessive usage we can perform a safety inspection to check for leaks.

How can I lower my gas bill?
You can adjust your settings/temperatures on your appliances.

I am going on vacation what should I do with my system to be efficient?
Vacation settings for water heater, turn off thermostat.

How much propane is required to fill a propane tank?
80% of the actual capacity.

Where is your office located?
Heart of the Hill Country, 400 Mercer St. Dripping Springs, TX, but we deliver throughout Central Texas. We are in the delivery business!

Do you fill propane bottles?
Yes, you can come in our office anytime during the week between 8am-5pm and they will be filled while you wait.

Why do you not deliver propane to bottles?
Propane bottles are regulated by the Texas Department of Transportation, and may not be filled using a truck meter. They must be filled by weight.

The relief valve on my tank discharged-why did that happen?
There was a build up of pressure in the tank and the relief valve is releasing it. Relief valves are set to discharge at 250 psi.

Your guy just filled my tank and there is a noise coming from the tank and I smell gas. What is that?
Contact us: there could be several reasons.


When do I need to call you to schedule a propane tank installation or service work?
We are typically booked about 1-2 weeks out on our service schedule. Please call Sarah to make an appointment.

Why do you require a propane tank to be filled to 80% upon installation?
On an underground tank: It weighs the tank in the ground & allows it to settle once covered. On an above ground tank, all of our propane tanks are sold with the understanding that they will be filled upon installation.

Why do I need to have my tank covered the same day it is installed?
To prevent possible tank floatation, which can be dangerous as well as costly. Also, due to the lack of heat reflective coating on underground tanks, we cannot fill the tank wth propane until it is buried.

Why can't I get a price for service work over the phone?
For our service technician to accurately assess your needs we must gather as few key pieces of information as well as meet you on site in some cases.

What is involved in the completion of my propane system & what do you need from me to do so? What is a final?
Your final is the completion of your propane system installation and is usually performed on your second trip.

When you are ready to have your exterior gas line connected to your house stub out and any outdoor appliances, please make sure the following are complete:

1. your appliances are in place, connected and vented
2. your cook top is converted or your lp gas conversion kit is present (if we are converting)
3. water and electricity are on
4. if you have a pool, it must be filled with water

Why does my appliance need to be vented?
Carbon monoxide can build up and become a safety issue without proper ventilation. To provide propane to your appliance legally, it must be properly vented.

Why can't my appliance installers complete or final my propane system?
All propane related work must be performed by a licensed firm which holds a current license with the State of Texas Railroad Commission; L.P. Gas Division. Your safety is our top priority and we do not allow another company or individual to be responsible for our work. Included in your proposal pricing is a Texas Railroad Commission Certified Hazmat Safety Inspection.

What do I need to convert an appliance?
You will need a liquid propane LP gas conversion kit which should be requested from the manufacturer when you purchase your new appliance.

What are the dimensions of each propane tank & how much gas do each of them hold?

Why do I have to be home for service work?
In most cases, our Technician will perform a Hazmat Safety Check Inspection which you will need to be present and sign for.

Why did my driver tell me I need my regulator replaced?
Manufacturer Recommendations are to replace regulators 12 or more years old.

When you install my propane system how long and what is warrantied?
All new purchased tanks (excludes 250 gallon above ground) are warranted for defects for 5 years from the date of installation. Our 250 gallon above ground refurbished tanks have been restored and are warranted for defects for 1 year from the date of installation.

How long will my propane system last?
With proper care and maintenance your propane system has the potential to last you a lifetime.

What are the hole sizes necessary for underground propane tanks?
- 250 Gallon Under Ground: 10ft long x 5 ft wide x 5 ft deep
- 500 Gallon Under Ground: 12ft long x 5 ft wide x 5&1/2 ft deep
- 1000 Gallon Under Ground: 18ft long x 5 ft wide x 5&1/2 ft deep

What is the depth requirement for an exterior propane line trench?
The exterior propane line trench must be a minimum of 18î deep.

How close to my house can I set my 250 gallon (or larger) propane tank?
You must set your propane tank no closer than 10ft from your house or any other combustible source (ie: a/c units, decks, pools, ignition sources, etc)

How close to my house can I set my vertical 120 gallon propane?
You may set the smaller 120 gallon vertical propane tank 3 ft or more from your house but it must still be at least 10ft away from any combustible source.

What size tank do I need?
Appropriate tank size depends on a few key pieces of information such as appliances, square footage and whether you will be adding any more appliances in the future. Please feel free to contact our office for recommendations.

Can I place propane line in the same trench as my water/septic line?
Propane lines should be in their own trench.

How long is my service proposal valid for?
You proposal is valid for 30 days (if all information & details remain the same).

What is a "Safety Walk Through"?
We offer a complimentary safety walk through to our clients who begin keep check services with us. Your regular driver introduces himself & will walk you through each aspect of your system & answer any questions you may have. He will also show you where your shut off valve is in case of emergency and help you set your appliances to conserve propane.

What are the steps in a propane system installation & final?

Call us at 512-894-4480 for propane route service and free enrollment into our Keep-Check Program™.


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propane bottles filled: stop in and fill up

Get your propane bottle filled at Terry garnett's PropaneOn the way to the lake or vacationing in the Texas Hill Country? Just stop in to our Dripping Springs location to say hello and let our technicians conveniently fill your propane bottles.

Just a quick stop and you'll be on your way.


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propane rebate programs

Propane rebate programs to buyers of propane water heaters are available. The AFRED (Alternative Fuels Research & Education Division) of the Railroad Commision of Texas offers a variety of propane water heaters rebate programs that you may qualify for.

Call us at 512-894-4480 for information and assistance to see if you qualify for the AFRED Consumer Rebate Program.

AFRED Consumer Rebate FAQ

Q: When can I apply for a rebate?
A: Once all new propane appliances are installed, the propane gas is turned on and the installation has been safety
checked by Terry Garnett's Propane, a licensed propane company, a rebate application may be submitted.

Q: What propane appliances are eligible and what are the rebate amounts?
A: For new propane appliances installed on or after 9/1/2005, the following rebates are available:
• Water Heater (new construction) $120 • Propane Star Home $400
• Water Heater (electric replacement) $300 • Propane SuperStar Home $600

Q: How do I qualify for a Propane Star Home Rebate?
A: New home construction or complete renovation projects must include the following propane appliances:
new water heater(s), furnace(s), new or used dryer(s), and one of the following new appliances: gas
range, gas cooktop, gas oven, gas logs or hard-piped gas grill. Proof of eligibility required. No
substitutions allowed.

Q: How do I qualify for a Propane SuperStar Home Rebate?
A: New home construction or complete renovation projects must include the following propane appliances:
two new water heaters, two new furnaces, new or used dryer(s), and one of the following new appliances:
gas range, gas cooktop, gas oven, gas logs or hard-piped gas grill. Proof of eligibility required. No
substitutions allowed.

Q: After I have submitted my application, how long will it take for me to receive my check?
A: It will generally take 6-8 weeks for verification and processing if you've submitted a correctly completed
application. If you are selected for a verification survey, the completed survey must be returned before
check will be mailed.

Q: Can I apply for separate rebates?
A: No. You may either apply for one or more water heater rebate(s), or for a Propane Star/SuperStar Rebate.
Q: Are propane appliances installed in new manufactured homes eligible for this rebate?
A: Yes. Brand new homes with appliances installed by the manufacturer are considered new construction.
Q: Since the rebate program is subject to available funds, how can I find out if funds are still available?
A: Rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The Alternative Fuels Research and Education
Division of the Railroad Commission has a toll-free hotline which has rebate availability information. Call
1-800-64-CLEAR and listen for the rebate program update option.


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